Shanghai Winscene Technology Co., LTD registered in Shanghai Jinshan District on Oct. 9th of 2019, focuses on photo sensitive dielectronic materials, thermal curing materials R&D, production and trading. We have developed several series of photosensitive dielectric materials, optical adhesive and photo sensitive polyimide for 5G optical transmission, advanced displays, advanced semiconductor packaging industry.
        Winscene Technology owned strong international technical and management team with abundant great semiconductors experiences, deeply understood industry materials demands, following technical trend. We produced better quality than market existing products, mass production are well prepared and compliance with our National owned partners. With international views, creative thinking and China local resources, our company cooperated with enterprises, universities, and institutes to continue develop innovation and breakthroughs materials in the great semiconductor industries, especially focus on new materials location in advanced displays and advanced packaging, enhancing China materials competitiveness in the world.
        With the mission of “Providing perfect Materials as Jade” Winscene Technology is committed to becoming an expert in great semiconductor and display materials field.